An oldER man – like me  - stands on the banks of the canal and watches his time passing by.

In 2014 four people close to me died in quick succession. This led me to examine the finiteness of my own life in such a way that I took time to explore the theme of transience with artistic means. I did this in the form of a two-month stay in Venice.


In my bag I had the basic theme of impermanence, the idea of the pinhole camera films, the hope of interesting encounters, and the most important equipment for drawing the film out of the city. Like a painter with his easel, I wanted to move around the channels and see what happens: acqua alta emerged completely out of the opportunities as they arose, spontaneously and intuitively, like the way life plays itself out.

Venice, the beautiful, world-famous, incomparable, romantic, the city known by countless superlatives, is drowning. From day to day it degenerates, becoming a facade, a poor imitation of itself. Politicians and their friends from business are shamelessly milking it, its life is fading, the water gnaws at it, the walls are crumbling, soon hardly anyone will live there anymore. Outrageously, "La Serenissima" is on the verge of dying. A surreal sphere, in which collapsing tendencies of all kinds coincide, against an overwhelming backdrop, with our expectations of a restorative, romantic world - an ideal interplay for me, emblematic of the downward spiral into which the world seems to be spinning.